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Strangers With Candy | Wisdom from Chuck Noblet. Nobletisms.

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This just in, private footage of Anderson Cooper at home watching Behind the Candelabra.

This just in, private footage of Anderson Cooper at home watching Behind the Candelabra.

Is it true that if you put pert shampoo in the freezer?

That it makes the shampoo change color


I thought I didn’t understand the question. And then I read the answer

pues no los quimicos que trae son una sustancia natural y no cambia :)

But seriously. Does it? Yahoo Answers are always weird.

When it’s my turn I turn into a loon 
When the drum takes the melody 
When the drum carries the tune

- Irving Berlin

I could watch this all day. Forgive my pessimism but if Joseph Gordon Levitt tries to do this in a movie or the next time he hosts SNL just kill me. No offence but Fred Astaire’s got this bro.

OK New Yorkers, you have 2 chances this month to see the most amazing actress I’ve even had a chance to watch.

If you don’t know who Kathryn Hunter is get yourself to either Kafka’s Monkey (April 3-17) or the return of Fragments (April 21-May 5), both presented by Theatre for a New Audience at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. 

I got to see Fragments, a collection of Samuel Beckett one acts directed by Peter Brook, last year and already have tickets to see it again. Trying to describe Hunter’s performance in the piece “Rockaby” is difficult but Charles Isherwood did a good job reviewing Fragments for the NYTimes

Ms. Hunter’s delivery of this haunting, incantatory text, describing an elderly woman’s withdrawal from the world — “Time she stopped,” the character mutters time and again — into death’s enveloping embrace is utterly mesmerizing. Her grave voice, with its biting elocution and rough-woolen texture, brings us inside the dimming psyche of the protagonist with a hypnotic seductiveness that leaves a lingering chill.

Fuck yeah it does.

I also have tickets to her solo performance of Kafka’s Monkey which as you can see in the video above is just straight up bonkers and brilliant. Here’s a preview of it in the NYtimes. So see both. 

For a while now I’ve been wanting to purchase a laser pointer to entertain my cat. Where does one buy a laser pointer though? How much do you spend? With a heart full of promise enter my savior ReviewMan507 who reviewed the laser pen he purchased at Target in March of 2009. 

There are a few things going on here. First of all, this is just a really thorough review of an $8 laser pen. I really appreciate it. He covers all his bases and I’m left pretty informed of what I’m looking for in a good laser pointer. As he writes in the video description: 

2.good feel
3.reaches over 1 mile long
1.gets dim quick 
2.button feels cheap
3.slot where you put the batteries in pops up and won’t stay back on 
(Tape it with masking tape)

Those pros and cons are helpful. I could just stop there but the video provides footage of this bad boy in action in addition to his running commentary and insight. Highlights in the video:

"This is a really good laser pointer if you like red ones"
"It’s really good"
"I would recommend it to just about anybody"

There is something that concerns me though and I need to address it. ReviewMan507 mentions his intention of buying a green laser pointer the next day and he tells us to come back for a review of that. In fact his user profile on Youtube promises reviews of Jeans, Guitar Pedals, Lasers, Yo-Yo’s (sic), and Video Games. He says we can email him with suggestions of things to review and he will review them. Personally I can already think of 5 and I’m still writing about the first one.

Here’s the thing though, I am going to save you the disappointment right now. ReviewMan507 has never reviewed anything else besides this one laser pointer.

I’m not saying it isn’t a good review. It’s fantastic. That’s why I’m upset. It’s like Michael Jordan came into the NBA, dropped 50 points and a jaw dropping dunk in his first game, and was never seen or heard from again.  

ReviewMan507, you left this world the way you came into it, reviewing a Red Laser (Pen Style) from Target. I’m not mad at you. I’m just left wanting more. Who are you, where have you been? What we’re left with is just what you put on your Youtube profile:

Anyways let me tell you about myself
I like Rock n Roll
I like Jeans
I like Yo-Yo’s
Umm..Laser Pointers
Ummmm…Let me think
dang i forget

Yeah, you forget. The rest of us? We never knew.

A few people have asked why I stopped blogging. For those 2 people who read my blog, I am bringing it back. So Jody and Kristin? Get ready.

When I learned El Salvadorians make the best breakfasts on earth. (Taken with Instagram)

BAM really needs to invest in a bunch of smaller scissors instead of just one really big one. There’s a 2 week waiting list. (Taken with Instagram)